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Morus Alba Leaves Powder | Mulberry Leaves Powder | Tutam | Tut | Shahatoot

Morus Alba Leaves Powder | Mulberry Leaves Powder | Tutam | Tut | Shahatoot

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Good for : Liver, Pancreas, bones and guts    

For treating: Diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney disorders    

Improves:  Digestion, heart health, hair growth    

Used as: Blood pressure, cholesterol, and joint pain suppressor    

Ingredients: Morus Alba Leaves  

Directions to use: As hot tea or cold tea, leafy vegetable powder in soups and dough mixers  




Morus Alba Leaves Powder | Mulberry Leaves Powder from Sidhara Betta Herbals

Embrace the remarkable fusion of tradition and modern wellness with our Morus Alba Leaves Powder, also renowned as Mulberry Leaves Powder. At Sidhara Betta Herbals, we capture the timeless benefits of the Mulberry tree's leaves and encapsulate them into a finely ground, nutrient-rich powder, primed for your convenience and health.

Uses & Benefits

The Morus Alba, or the white mulberry tree, has been long revered in traditional medicine. The leaves of this tree, processed into our powder, can potentially aid blood sugar control, promote heart health, and support weight loss. This herbal supplement is perfect for individuals seeking to enhance their wellness through natural means.

Directions for Use

Mix a teaspoon of the Morus Alba Leaves Powder into a cup of warm water to create a nourishing herbal tea. You can also sprinkle the powder into your salad, smoothie, or other dishes.


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A Deeper Dive into Morus Alba Leaves Powder

In the realm of nature's pharmacy, few plants hold the prestige of the Morus Alba or the white mulberry tree. The leaves of this tree are not just a dietary staple for silkworms, but they've also been employed in traditional medicine for centuries. Rich in powerful antioxidants, these leaves are known to combat oxidative stress, aid in maintaining a healthy heart, and support a robust immune system.

Our Morus Alba Leaves Powder from Sidhara Betta Herbals harnesses the potency of these leaves, creating a superfood that effortlessly fits into your everyday diet. Every serving of this powder delivers a surge of nutrients and antioxidants, providing the wellness benefits of mulberry leaves in a convenient, versatile form. It's a small step to take for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

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