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Cassia Tora Leaves Powder | Tagache Leaves Powder | Chakramarda | Avartaka

Cassia Tora Leaves Powder | Tagache Leaves Powder | Chakramarda | Avartaka

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Used as Cardiac Tonic. 

Good for Skin, weight loss, balancing Pitta & Vata dosha. 

Improves Liver health. 

Treating constipation, headache, eczema, erysipelas, blood dysentery, diarrhea, cough & menstrual disorders.

Ingredients Cassia Tora Leaves

How to Use Can be added as an ingredient while preparing Curry, Soup and Tea. Used as salad garnisher and dough mixer.




Cassia Tora Leaves Powder | Tagache Leaves Powder from Sidhara Betta Herbals

Presenting a unique herbal supplement for a balanced lifestyle - the Cassia Tora Leaves Powder, or Tagache Leaves Powder. Sourced from the Cassia Tora plant, a cornerstone of traditional herbal practices, this powder from Sidhara Betta Herbals brings you the potential health benefits of this plant in a convenient, easy-to-consume form.

Uses & Benefits

Our Cassia Tora Leaves Powder is celebrated for its potential to support skin health, promote healthy digestion, and provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. This makes it a versatile addition to your daily diet, whether you're seeking natural supplements for overall wellness, or targeting specific health goals.

Directions for Use

Add a spoonful of Cassia Tora Leaves Powder to your hot water to create a beneficial herbal tea, or mix it into your meals and smoothies.


Our Cassia Tora Leaves Powder, along with our range of other herbal powders, can be purchased online at:

A Closer Look at Cassia Tora Leaves Powder

Rooted in traditional medicine and powered by modern health knowledge, the Cassia Tora plant has long been prized for its diverse health benefits. By choosing our Cassia Tora Leaves Powder, you're harnessing these benefits in a form that easily integrates into your everyday diet. Experience the potential antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin-enhancing, and digestive-supporting properties of Cassia Tora with this versatile, nutrient-rich supplement.

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