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Cassia Fistula Leaves Powder | Amaltas Leaves Powder | Konna | Kakkikayi

Cassia Fistula Leaves Powder | Amaltas Leaves Powder | Konna | Kakkikayi

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Good for: Taste buds, Intestine, Pancreas and     

For treating: worm infection, diabetes, cough, and dermatological problems    

Improves: Liver functions, and respiratory activity     

Used as: Blood purifier, anti-itching, skin parasites remover   

Ingredients: Cassia Fistula Leaves

Directions to use: As hot tea or cold tea  




Cassia Fistula Leaves Powder | Amaltas Leaves Powder from Sidhara Betta Herbals

Discover the magic of nature's own pharmacy with our Cassia Fistula Leaves Powder, also known as Amaltas Leaves Powder. Sidhara Betta Herbals brings to you this powerful supplement from the leafy wonder of the Cassia Fistula, or Golden Shower Tree.

Recognized in traditional medicine for its extensive health benefits, the Cassia Fistula plant is a treasure trove of wellness. Our leaves powder carries the detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and skin-enhancing qualities of the tree, making it a valuable addition to your healthy lifestyle.

Each leaf used in our Cassia Fistula Leaves Powder is handpicked and naturally dried under optimum conditions. The leaves are then finely ground to create a nutrient-rich powder, capturing the inherent beneficial properties of the plant in every particle.

Uses & Benefits

Cassia Fistula Leaves Powder aids in detoxification, promotes skin health, supports digestion, and helps combat inflammation. It's good for individuals seeking a natural way to enhance their overall health and well-being.

Directions for Use

Blend one teaspoon of the powder into your smoothie, sprinkle it over your salad, or mix with warm water to prepare a soothing herbal drink.


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Step into the world of holistic wellness with Sidhara Betta Herbals' Cassia Fistula Leaves Powder.

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