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Good for: Hair, the Reproductive system, and the Lungs 

For treating: Throat infections, Jaundice, and chronic autoimmune conditions 

Improves: Physical and mental energy levels 

Used as: Liver detoxification, and skin tonic

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Good for : Spleen, liver, pancreas and intestine 

For treating: Respiratory and blood-related disorders 

Improves:  Digestion, gut and skin health

Used as: antidiarrhoeal, anti-inflammatory

Adverse effect:  no

Directions to use : hot or cold tea 

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Good for : Taste buds, Intestine, Pancreas and     

For treating: worm infection, diabetes, cough, and dermatological problems    

Improves: Liver functions, and respiratory activity     

Used as: Blood purifier, anti-itching, skin parasites remover    

Directions to use: As hot tea or cold tea  

Ingredients:Cassia Fistula Flowers (Petals)